Our Sage Pastel Payroll Services

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Sage Pastel Payroll

Consulting On-Site

Consulting on-site and setting up the payroll as a whole and each payslip according to SARS legislation. Ensuring that the users know how to process payslips and that all monthly management reports required are printed.

More Services Include:
  • Outsource your monthly payroll.
  • Integrating the Payroll to the Accounting system so that the payroll journal will pull through to the accounting system automatically.
  • Training on PAYE and SARS submissions for the EMP201 and the EMP501 submissions on SARS Easyfile.
  • Submission of all legislative returns such as monthly EMP201 or PAYE/SDL/UIF returns, UIF electronic Declarations, as well as IRP5/IT3a’s and EMP501 returns on Easyfile. (SARS Software)